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Red Carpet Party Favors

red carpet party favors

    party favors
  • A gift, usually small and inexpensive, given to guests at a party

  • (The Party Favor (The O.C. episode)) "The Party Favor" is the 74th episode of the FOX television series, The O.C.. The episode was written by John Stephens and was directed by Michael Lange. It originally aired on Thursday April 27, 2006.

  • (party favor) souvenir consisting of a small gift given to a guest at a party

    red carpet
  • A long, narrow red carpet laid on the ground for a distinguished visitor to walk on when arriving

  • a strip of red carpeting laid down for dignitaries to walk on

  • A red carpet is traditionally used to mark the route taken by heads of state on ceremonial and formal occasions, and has in recent decades been extended to use by VIPs and celebrities at formal events.

  • Privileged treatment of a distinguished visitor

  • red carpet(a): special treatment or hospitality; "the maitre d' gave them the red-carpet treatment"

Promise, I'll Be Kind

Promise, I'll Be Kind

Breaking News from G.L.AM. TV, our teen correspondent Elle Santini was on the red carpet interviewing models and designers at the Blumstone Jeans post-fashion show party where she was attacked by Irina Rosenburg of Winston Models. Elle didn’t suffer any major physical damage, but she is still emotionally frazzled and will have the rest of the week off to recover. We will update you as more information as the story develops.


Ok, so here’s what really happened. Elle was interviewing all the Winston models who were in the fashion show and was most eager to see Irina because she got a tip about her family situation and thought it would be a great time to bring it up, embarrassment + live TV = gold. Family is a very touchy subject because Irina because they is having financial troubles and the money she specifically sends back home for bills is instead spent on unnecessary items. Elle brings it up and when Irina tries to change the subject, Elle won’t let it go. Eventually, Elle says “Is you family really that ignorant, or just backwoods morons?” In less that 30 seconds, the fur was flying. If course, the footage has been edited by to make Elle look like the victim and her crocodile teams worked in her favor. Ugh, the media…..

The Devil Wears Reem Acra (Nahla / Week 5)

The Devil Wears Reem Acra (Nahla / Week 5)

Nahla ran into her arch nemesis, Fairuza von Seigen, at Sir Elton John's latest red carpet event. The tension filled the air since Fairuza just snatched Nahla's arm candy away from her after the party in Ibiza. But the thing that caused the final rift was when Fairuza "unintentionally" stepped on Nahla's Reem Acra gown's train. Nahla then returned the favor by "unintentionally" pushing her out of the way. The lights are flashing everywhere, and Nahla just murmured to herself, "You know what they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity ... is there?".

red carpet party favors

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