Buy Large Rugs

buy large rugs

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buy large rugs - Anji Mountain

Anji Mountain Bamboo Chairmat & Rug Co. 5-Foot-by-8-Foot Bamboo Rug, Contemporary Natural

Anji Mountain Bamboo Chairmat & Rug Co. 5-Foot-by-8-Foot Bamboo Rug, Contemporary Natural

This bamboo rug is made of the finest quality, sustainably harvested bamboo in the world for supreme durability. Bamboo rugs have been a traditional floor covering in the Far East for centuries and add a touch of organic, practical elegance to any space in your home. Perfect for a living room, dining room, foyer, kitchen, bedroom or bath. This rug features a patented, non-slip, ventilated PVC rug pad backing that cushions, keeps mat in place and extends the life of the rug. Our bamboo is kiln-dried to limit cracking and warping.
The Contemporary Natural style offers a sleek design of large bamboo slats in natural color and a contrasting black border. It's available in sizes 2 foot by 3 foot, 4 foot by 6 foot, 5 foot by 8 foot, 7 foot round and 7 foot by 10 foot. Slight color variations may occur due to the unique, natural qualities of the bamboo.

78% (11)



A new rug for in front of the guest bathroom sink. Re-purposed from a large woven rug bought at a yard sale that quickly went rotten. I cut to size, bound, and voila - new rug.

Rug Stall

Rug Stall

Buying a rug from a market stall. Of the many things that can be bought from a market large, expensive rugs seems to be one of the more challenging.

buy large rugs

buy large rugs

Seville Classics 27.95-Inch by 21.95-Inch Bamboo Floor Mat

Bring the luxurious spa experience to your bathroom with this Rectangular Bamboo Bath Mat from Seville Classics. Bamboo is one of the world's fastest, renewable plants with a maturity cycle of only 3-4-year, making it an natural source compared to forested hardwoods. This stylish solid bamboo mat features linear open slats and a raised profile for efficient air and water circulation. Skid resistant silicone feet ensure the mat stays securely positioned. Place one outside your bath, shower, spa or square up multiples to fit your space. This mat measures 27.95-inch by 21.95-inch.

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